The CrashCrew is so excited to party with you! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, the end of the school year, a team event, or just because it’s a Tuesday—we’re ready to help you have a blast! 

Our party planning guide guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience for you, your child, and all your guests!

Party Details:

Private Party Time Slots Semi-Private Party Time Slots***
Fridays 6:30-8:30p Saturdays 1-3p
Saturdays 10a-12p Saturdays 4-6
Saturdays 6:30-8:30p

*Weekday evenings by special request. Additional Charges may apply. 

**Makerspace theme only.


  • Up to 18 kids*/$12 per additional child up to 6 extra children

*Up to 12 kids/$12 per additional child up to 6 extra children for Slime and Mad Scientist parties.

      • One adult required per five children
  • Applies to Slime, Mad Scientist, Medieval, FrankenToys, Engineer, Architect, Messy Munchkins, Makerspace
  • 2 hours of party time
  • Designated tables for snacks, refreshments, and gifts!
  • Aprons and Smocks to protect from the mess
  • Decorative birthday sign 
  • Outside table decorations and balloons welcome
  • ½ hour of set up time before the party
  • Two CrashCrew team members to facilitate
  • 15 minutes of assisted post-party clean-up/breakdown 

Maker Party

Maker Party

  • Makerspace Party 
    • Member: $225 private/$125 semi-private
    • Non-Member: $275/$175 semi-private
    • Perfect for large parties! 
    • Take over our collective workspace to design, engineer, and create whatever your imagination desires! Want to build a robot, giraffe, paint a canvas, or make a collage? We have all the materials, tools and know how to help guide you! 
    • This is the default theme of parties if a theme is not picked. 
    • If your party was booked one week or less in advance this is the automatic theme.

Slime Party (Private Party Only)

Slime Party (Private Party Only)

  • Member: $275
  • Non-Member: $325
  • Each party guest gets to mix up their own batch of ooey, gooey slime! (Don’t worry, moms; we send it home in a travel safe container!) Customized with your choice of color and glitter, this slime workshop is sure to be a hit!

Mad Scientist Party (Private Party Only)

Mad Scientist Party (Private Party Only)

  • Member: $275
  • Non-Member: $325
  • Join the CrashCrew in the science lab to mix, bubble, pour, and test! Each party consists of age appropriate experiments, and lots of messy science fun!

Medieval Party (Private Party Only)

Medieval Party (Private Party Only)

  • Member: $275
  • Non-Member: $325
  • Construct cardboard castles, design your coat of arms, and fashion your own sword to protect your damsel (or knight!) from distress!

FrankenToys (Private Party Only)

FrankenToys (Private Party Only)

  • Member: $275
  • Non-Member: $325
  • Choose from our assortment of disassembled toys, and, using your imagination and our tools, reassemble them into something wild, crazy, or maybe even a little creepy. Each child will receive a base on which to build their Frankentoy and its respective home/minions.

Messy Munchkin* (Private Party Only)

Messy Munchkin* (Private Party Only)

  • Member: $275
  • Non-Member: $325
  • A chance for your littles to get their mess on without the hassle of cleaning up afterward: an award-winning combination! We provide a myriad of messy, sensory experiences for your little guests: moon sand, a pool of slimy noodles, water beads, finger painting, a mountain of colored corn meal (and an assortment of accessories!)…the list can go on! A one-of-a-kind experience!**

*Only available during closed studio time due to amount of set-up/clean-up time required.

**Please make sure that party guests are clad in clothes they don’t mind getting dirty!

Chaperones will need to take on some responsibilities. You will be expected to:

  • Monitor the behavior of the children you are accompanying and remind them of the rules if necessary (No touchingmaterials other than what you are given; No running or yelling; Stay in the Studio.)
  • Listen to activity directions and help facilitate struggling children as needed.
  • Assist children with bathroom breaks.
  • Assist CrashCrew with passing out materials if needed.
  • If a child seems to finish early, invite them to continue working on their project or alternate projects, if available.Alternatively, ask them to tell you more about their project.Is food provided?The studio does not provide food, but guests are welcome to bring their own or order something to be delivered. Please note that guests do not have access to a fridge or freezer.

Makerspace parties include general Studio admission for all children during regular Studio hours. All other parties end at the two hour mark, but you are welcome to pay the general admission price/use your membership to stay longer if the party is during normal open studio hours.

Adults/chaperones are not counted towards the number of allotted party guests. Please note one adult (18+) for every five children must be on site.


If you need help unloading party supplies from your vehicle, please let us know a few days in advance of your party to allow for proper staffing. On the day of your party, please let us know when you are on your way. A CrashCrew member will be waiting to assist you.

Yes, that’s what makes CrashParties special! For an additional fee, party hosts can choose a custom party theme of their choice*, and we prepare a complimentary activity and birthday banner. The theme must be communicated to the CrashCrew three weeks prior to the party ( Alternatively, you can choose from one of our fun themes (see list above).

We provide tables, chairs, a custom birthday banner, and all project materials. Party hosts bring any additional supplies, including:

  • Serving utensils
  • Table cloths
  • Napkins
  • Plates, forks, cups, cake knife (if needed)
  • Candles, lighter/matches
  • Additional room décor, if desired
  • Cake or desired snack/food, drinks

Scheduling the party
Your party date will be confirmed when your request is submitted to CrashWorks and a 50% deposit has been made. The remaining balance will be paid after the party.  Parties scheduled less than two weeks in advance require an additional $30 and parties scheduled less than one week in advance require an additional $50, non-refundable deposit.

What if I need to cancel the party?
CrashParties may be cancelled with a 75% refund only if written notice is received/emailed no less than one week before the scheduled party date. If notice of cancellation is less than one week before the scheduled party date due to sickness/family emergency, you will be allowed to reschedule.
*Subject to approval

Please email us at to request a party reservation. You will be contacted with a confirmation and with an invoice to pay the deposit.