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Littles LOVE to collect…well, anything! The second they can hold things, they seem driven to collect and cart things from one place to another! As we gear up for venturing out into nicer weather, join us to help make your little a Nature Treasure Chest for all their beloved finds!

**Why is this important?**

As your little bit collects, they’re repeating universally common behaviors called schema, which is important for brain development! This kind of collecting supporting three kinds of schema: transporting, connecting, and enveloping/enclosing.

You can also support your child’s budding communication and language skills by asking them questions that get them chatting and thinking:

-How did you find this? Which one is your favorite and why? What would you look for if you had one more cup to fill in your treasure box and why? How are the treasures in your box similar? How are they different?

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