Shauna LaRocque
Shauna LaRocque Owner/Founder
Shauna LaRocque is the owner and founder of CrashWorks STEAM Studio & Makerspace. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and Childhood Development, and has a combined twelve years of teaching experience. She loves teaching in unconventional ways and still can’t believe that her passion has become her job. She is the homeschooling mother of seven wild boys and one dramatic little girl, who have all taught her more than she could ever teach them. She has been married to her best friend for fourteen years and enjoys traveling, drinking absurd amounts of coffee, and spending time with her family. Her love for Jesus fuels the organized chaos that she calls her beautiful life.
Ty LaRocque
Ty LaRocque Co-Owner/Financer
Ty LaRocque is the co-owner/financer of CrashWorks STEAM Studio & Makerspace. A USMC Crash Fire Rescue specialist with MWSS 371 and an Iraqi War Veteran, he is now a DOD firefighter with a degree in Fire Science. This montage of life experiences paired with an interest in engineering and drafting give him a one-of-a-kind perspective on teaching and tinkering. He and Shauna have been growing their family in Wichita Falls for eleven years. He enjoys hobby board games, working out, collecting eclectic coffee mugs and using them to drink coffee with his beautiful wife. As a boy he loved to tinker, but lacked the tools, space and opportunity. He is excited to reclaim that part of his childhood as he learns and grows alongside the CrashCrew team!