• Last spring, CrashWorks was honored to host field trips for almost 6,000 students from 11 different Texoma counties. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic caused all those would be field trips to cancel. While we do have CrashKits for sale so that everyone can "experience a piece of the Makerspace magic at home", many of those students were relying on their school district to pay their field trip admission, and so, for many families, the extra expense just isn't a possibility during this already difficult time. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to create, learn, and grow through imagination and creativity! So, we're putting together a "Field Trip in a Box" for each student whose field trip was cancelled, and we need your help! You can sponsor a student by purchasing their Field Trip in a Box! Each sponsorship will provide a local student with:
    • One Original CrashKit with 50+ materials*
    • A virtual tour of the studio
    • A guided, virtual Makerspace Challenge
    • Two digital science demonstrations featuring our most popular experiments
    • One 'FREE admission' card to be used later
    We're looking forward to pairing with our community to provide these kids with an experience they were not only looking forward to, but one they deserve! Thank you for supporting small business and your local area youth! *Product pictured is an example.
  • Our  "Original CrashKit” sticks true to our green loving hearts down to the box it arrives in! Full of recycled and reused materials (just add imagination!), your "Original" CrashKit has the ability to become something amazing! Containing over 50 different new and recycled materials from glue, plastics, and cardboard to wooden trinkets and everything in between, the OG CK is the gift that keeps on giving! (Kit contents will vary Exciting, we know!) Grab a box today to create, learn and grow at home! Open your box to a world of creative possibilities! (CrashKits are not intended for children under the age of three. Please supervise if your kid still eats tiny objects...or glue...over all, just don't stop doing the whole parenting thing, and it should be fine.)
  • Each kit will contain materials for 4-6 projects, with at least one activity from each of the five S.T.E.A.M. components. This means you’re diving into hands-on science, a unique aspect of technology and engineering, working with an art prompt, and discovering that math can, in fact, be fun! You’ll even be provided with a downloadable file of instructional videos to help you navigate your kit! Along with the materials you will need for each project, you will receive odds and ends from the makerspace to make the experience more immersive! Your November kit covers December, January and February  and will have projects, prompts, and materials with the Winter season in mind! We can’t wait to see what you create with these and hope you love them just as much as we do! The S.T.E.A.M. Kit will be ready on the 17th of every 3rd month (November, February, May and August). (S.T.E.A.M. Kits are not intended for children under the age of six and may require adult supervision and/or assistance.)
  • Our first woodworking CrashKit, the Squirrel Picnic Table is the perfect beginner's project! Packed with precut pieces and nails ready for assembly*, you just need to add your favorite neighborhood squirrel**! *Some assembly required. See product description below. **Pictured: Jef LaRocque, official CrashWorks squirrel model Shipping is not currently available due to technical difficulties with our website, but we hope to have it up and running soon! 
  • The BSA Weather Merit Badge CrashKit is designed to help you accomplish each of the requirements needed to receive the weather merit badge.
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