Our monthly S.T.E.A.M kits contain materials for 4-6 projects, with at least one activity from each of the five S.T.E.A.M components. This means you’re diving into hands-on science, a unique aspect of technology and engineering, working with an art prompt, and discovering that math can, in fact, be fun! You’ll even be provided with a downloadable file of instructional videos to help you navigate your kit! Along with the materials you’ll need for each project, you will receive odds and ends from the makerspace to make the experience more immersive! With a new and unique theme each month, your S.T.E.A.M kits are sure to keep your kiddos engaged and creating all year long!

Local Pickup: $480 for the year (That’s just $40/kit!)

Shipped: $640 for the year (Hey, shipping is expensive, guys!)

*Kits will be ready for pick up/shipped out by the 5th of each month.